Self Awareness Vehicle Who Are You

Ultimate Goal


 Our goal is restoring and uniting families and communities. We will accomplish this through forgiveness and judgment reservation. We will create and promote violence free forms of expression that fight social engineering through working with like minded and/or supportive organizations, communities, and individuals. We promote edutainment and seminars that help build self esteem through creating an atmosphere immersed in self identity, self worth, fact searching, and re-education.
We unapologetically seek and speak through the greatness of our blood’s truth.

We believe that once the offspring of the far, near, and past gain knowledge of Who they were, Who they became, and Who they are, they will want to actively embrace and  love one another using a cohesive philanthropic vehicle that contributes to a multicultural and just universe.  

The views expressed in the videos on our site are mainly from scholars who have done the research and are well respected.  We agree with just about everything said, though we may not agree with every single word or statement.  Here at savway.net we provide a platform for those who don't go along with mainstream media views because of their relentless propaganda that is bestowed upon us, to make the general public view certain groups in certain lights.  Feel free to do your own research if you come across something you would like to know more about or you don't agree with.   Feel free to email us any comments on the site as a whole, videos, or any particular information presented here.  

We are excepting and really appreciate any donations that you can give. The donations go to raising funds to get lecturers to come and speak live. The first will be Tariq Nasheed.  Second will be Eric Thomas.  Etc.