Self Awareness Vehicle Who Are You

​Tariq Nasheed - The Negro Bedwench Wake Up Call.

​Tariq Nasheed - The Ray Rice Deflection.

​Dr. Umar Johnson - Political & Military Science for Revolution.

​Dr. Umar Johnson - Discusses the murder of Michael Brown.

​Dr. Frances Cress Welsing - talks about the recent number of unarmed black killings by police and Ferguson, MO

​Brother Kush - discusses, Is the Feminization of the Black Men a War Strategy?

​Tariq Nasheed podcast - The King Alfred Plan.  Tariq talks about the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

​Leon Ford, innocent, gets shot by police 5 times, he's now paralyzed.

​Tariq Nasheed podcast - The White Supremacy Lottery.

​A list of many historic black people with a mini bios

​Dr. Sebi - Eat to Live, Eat to Die

​Dame Dash - Being a Boss, Being a Man

​Dr. Umar Johnson - Solving dead beat dad and baby mama drama issues.

​Hill Harper - Talks metaphoric prisons, why we should care about criminals.

​Michael Eric Dyson - Discusses Mark Cuban's comments on Donald Sterling.

​Dr. Joy Degruy - Example of how white people can help black people.

​Michael Eric Dyson - Status of black teens in America 07-24-13

​Tariq Nasheed - Is Gay the New Black?

​Tariq Nasheed - Is there such a thing as black racism?

​Dr. Frances Cress Welsing - Speaks on Donald Sterling and the culture of racism.

​Dr. Umar Johnson - The Schools are Prisons and Teachers are Police Officers.

​Dick Gregory, Frances Cress Welsing, and attorney Nana Gyamfi discuss Jordan Davis murder and black people.

​Dr. Phil Valentine discusses Hidden Colors 3 The Rules of Racism 

​Hidden Colors 3 The Rules of Racism (trailer)

​Help Dr. Umar Johnson fund the Fredrick Douglass and Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy for black boys!

​Documentary - The Dark Side of Chocolate.  Some American chocolate companies using child slave labor in Africa.

​Booker T. Coleman - The history of the N-word