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​Civil Rights Leaders

Civil Rights Leaders

Unfortunately, the world we live in is not a perfect world.  There are wars, sickness, poverty, and injustice.  And yes, even today, racism and prejudice is still thriving based upon skin color.  You should be aware that for over 370 years, since the days of slavery, blacks have had to fight an uphill battle to obtain their Basic Human Rights.

The brave black men and women in this category believed in the principle that All men and women are created  equal.  And, under the guidelines of the United States Constitution, these brave men and women struggled and fought for the rights of blacks.  They fought for equal education and job opportunities, equal justice under the law, the right to vote, and open housing.  They fought to make America a better place.

As you learn about the stories of these brave black men and women, you will see that they came from different backgrounds.  Some were poor and lacked a formal education.  Some fought on different battlefronts to bring an end to the injustices suffered by blacks at the hands of white in this country.  Fannie Lou Hammer used protest, and John Mitchell used the pen.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used a message of non-violence.  W.E.B. DuBois strongly defended the teachings of black history.  And, Marcus M. Garvey promoted racial pride and self determination as a means of advancing the black race.  And, their were many more.

It is common knowledge that ignorance is partially the cause of much of the racism and prejudice that still exists  today.  However, as the world gets smaller and smaller, black people and especially white people must learn to live with and respect the lives, customs, and races of other people.  This must happen in America and as well around the globe, if America is to survive as a mighty and just society.

Excerpt from ​A Gift Of Heritage Black Civil Rights Leaders.