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​Historic Women

Historic Black Women

The women talked about in this category give recognition to many black women who pioneered and played vital role in blacks overall struggle to obtain freedom, justice and advancement in our society.  America, in general, is truly indebted to these black women for their past achievements and fortitude.

Please review the lives and highlights of these women and familiarize yourself with the many obstacles in their paths and remember there is a continuing struggle that challenges our survival.  Without their efforts, our development, as a people, would have been severely impeded.

These women's lives are an inspiration.  They struggled; they persevered.  They fought against difficult odds to obtain their desired goals.  These women bring into focus that success is possible.  A fact that should remain in the forefront of our daily existence.  These women should give us a confirmed sense of pride.  We should be happy that these high spirited, strong willed, and courageous women are apart of our heritage.