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​Black Inventions

This category gives recognition to Black Americans who made significant contributions to science and technology in America during the 19th and 20th centuries.  These extraordinary innovators whose genius shone through the road blocks of adversity and racial barriers to provide mankind something called convenience, quality of life, luxury and even order.  They industrialized the burden of labor and created new ways to ease the plight of servitude and affliction.  The modernization of machinery that we casually accept as a given was once a nonexistent commodity were it not for the contributions of these gifted men.  The remedies and treatments now commonly employed in hospitals and clinics would be a mystery if not for the brilliance of these men.  These scientists and inventors were anachronisms, many years ahead of their contemporaries in terms of thought and adventure, yet they faced the challenges of trial and error, financial responsibility and rejection with perseverance and dedication.  

Over the years the lives of these great scientists and inventors have been an inspiration to many.  The impact of these unsung heroes should be especially inspiring to our youth, who aspire to achieve exceptional goals, particularly in the field of science and engineering.

When all Americans, young and old come to know these individuals, we will all have a greater understanding and respect for these prolific men, their genius and their contributions.  Major industries in present day America and abroad are the direct benefactors of the endeavors of the black inventor and scientist.  A creative, inventive mind knows no racial limitation or boundary. 

Black Scientists and Inventors

Masters of Invention