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Black Pioneers

Black Pioneers

Often when we think of pioneers, we think of the wild, wild West and explorers.  Actually, a pioneer can be anyone who paves the way.  An inventor, song writer, scientist, builder, or artist could all be a pioneers in their chosen field.  In this category, you will learn about many famous Black pioneers from different walks of life.  Each did something that made him or her unique--a pioneer.

When you carefully examine the history of America, you discover that Blacks were very much a part of building of this country.  They were true pioneers in many ways.  You will read about Matthew A. Henson who assisted in discovering the North Pole.  Jean DuSable settled and founded what is now the city of Chicago.  James Beckwourth discovered a very important pass through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which opened up a new route to California.

In this book, you also will read about Carter G. Woodson, the "Father of Black History," and Mary Fields, known as "Stagecoach Mary," who was tough as any man.  You will enjoy the stories of Clara Brown, Captain Cuffee, William Whipper, and Barney Ford, who were highly successful in business and became very wealthy.

​The Black pioneers presented in this category did not let slavery, poverty, or prejudice stop them from reaching their dreams.  The secret to their success was that they kept their sights on their goals.  You can do the same thing with your life.  Set goals, make the most of your education, and never say "I quit."

Excerpt from A Gift of Heritage Historic Black Pioneers.